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Earth faces a critical environmental crisis with climate change. Rising temperatures are disrupting land & marine ecosystems, causing habitat loss, extreme weather, & endangering biodiversity. Immediate global action is essential to mitigate these impacts and secure the future of our planet and its diverse life forms.

Redefining Solar Energy stands as a trailblazer in the solar technology sector. We are the exclusive patent holders of a novel 3-dimensional solar pipe technology, which significantly alters the paradigm of solar energy conversion. Our proprietary technology increases electricity generation threefold per square meter through internal reflection and absorption of photons. The design allows for a greater conversion rate of light into electrons, thereby generating more electricity. Each instance of internal reflection bolsters the photon/electron interaction, thus optimising energy production. The superiority of our product lies not only in its remarkable efficiency but also in its ability to reduce the cost of solar electricity generation in comparison to conventional systems.


Lets see How it works


over Conventional Flat Panel?


• Energy desity of 30wp/kg. 

• 3.4 times lesser area at just 1.34m2.

• Vertically oriented photo voltaic cells allows more cells to be packed in a smaller foot print.

• Not effected by the shockley - queisser limit due internal reflections.

• Higher return on investment compared to flat panel design.

Conventional Flat Panel

• Energy density of 19wp/kg. ​

• 4-5m2 area required per kWp.

• Photovolatic cells oriented in same plane as the ground.

• Efficiency limited by the 'Shockley - Queisser limit'.

• Return on investment is lower.

A Utility for Utility Production

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Not convinced yet?

 And have a quick look on the detailed description of TIPA.

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