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Research and Development

Yellow Studios is a Sustainable Research and Development Company. Sustainability is a holistic approach starting with minimising energy use, land use and resources to sustainable generation and technical innovation. Amazon was a book company and is now one of the World’s Largest Cloud Computing provider.

At Yellow, we design innovative products such as TIPA

We collaborate on multiple other projects with young innovative companies to develop world changing technologies. With our collaborators, Yellow has helped patent over 14 different products from a 3D solar panel to magnetically assisted battery charging.

Total Internal Photonic Absorption (TIPA)

A new innovative way to bend light and reflect it internally to increase the amount of energy produced by the Sun per given area. It is unequivocally, the lowest cost solar PV generation in the World.

Using this technology, we are taking the solar heat that can be trapped in the 3D solar pipe, to heat homes, warm water and increase solar energy production. By chilling TIPA to cryogenic temperatures using another patented process, we are able to increase solar pV production by 0.31% per degree below 25oC. This means we can more than double the output on TIPA and power homes all using the Sun and at accessible prices to all whilst being scalable.

Working with our Innovation Partners, we are assisting in battery technologies such as ESPINBACC and SEEPBAS.


ESPINBACC stands for Electron SPIn Battery Charging. Yellow is helping to increase battery density and lowering battery charging for all types of battery using the peculiarities of quantum spin. Did you know each electron is its own ‘little magnet’ in terms of its behaviour. Batteries only use electrostatic forces. ESPINBAC adds magnetic forces increasing the amount of electron density at the anode. Simple, effective, world class.



SEEPBAS stands for Solar Electromagnetic Energy Power Battery System. Using liquid nitrogen as a working fluid in specialised solar containers, the full electromagnetic wavelength of the sun is absorbed to phase change nitrogen and increase pressure inside enclosed cylinders. This is then passed through a turbine and recondensed and the liquid nitrogen is re-exposed to the EM radiation, day and night. 24/7 energy without fossil fuels and a way to store excess electricity in a gas battery.

Yellow is working with its Innovation partners on Phase Change turbines, Vector Cancelling Condensers and an electric plane with a novel propulsion system.

Innovation is not limited to large companies. It is limited by lack of imagination. Those who believe they can change the world, often do. Those who do not believe wait for companies like Yellow Studios.

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