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Wellington Close

Wellington Close is a detached property under Three Rivers District Council. The existing property is a spacious two bed house. The design brief was to do a garage conversion , double storey extension above the garage, single storey side extension, single storey rear extension, Loft conversion , porch extension & relocation of the existing garden shed. The proposed design extends the kitchen and the diner on the rear of the ground floor by 3m along the entire width of the property to make more space for a larger kitchen and dining area. The proposed also converts the existing garage into a office/study room. The proposed side extension extends by 3m to the right side. The loft floor has been converted into habitable space by lifting the ridge of the property by 1.0m similar to the neighbor across 1 WC (4 Wellington Close). The loft floor consists of a bedroom with a walk-in closet and ensuite. Open space on the other side of the loft has been proposed along with a store room and an open pantry. The proposed bathroom and pantry area on the proposed loft floor will be ventilated using roof lights respectively.

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