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We love pens. We love the way they can change the world with infinite possibilities. Short of making you a cup of tea, a quality pen can change the way the world operates. A sketch to draw a city, a speech to promote a town, a movement to express an idea.

They say a pen is mightier than a sword, but ours is far more practical!

How can we bring this tool to the twentieth century? The humble fountain pen has been in existence since 1827. Petrache Poenaru invented the fountain pen while he was in school in Paris and wanted a way to continue note taking without stopping to dip for ink.

They are elegant and fun to draw with. We love the way the ink pours, it’s pure harmony, bliss and music in the making!

More, more, more…

We want to create a permanent, techy version of the fountain pen. We have upgraded this art tool with a durable, bold design that is comfortable to hold. The screw connections give a firm grip to the pen as well as adding to its’ structure. So how have we introduced a bit of tech to this beautiful object…

The Button

The pen features a bluetooth button on top of the barrel which you can use to control your electronic devices, from turning on your TV to signalling your geo-location for help. The button is multi-functional: you can play or pause your music, skip to the next, turn on/off your electronics, or simply relax by tap.


The C_TAP APP, the magic remote, the all encompassing tool will be available on both iOS and Play store. It will control as many bluetooth devices as physically possible. The TAP and endless combinations of the TAP will trigger different actions. Simply use the APP to asign your ACTION to control. Each tap will be specific based on what you want to control.

Replaceable battery? Yes please.

The pen features the fine nib of a Kaweco pen along with a aluminium body, lid and button. Aluminium is both light weight, warm to touch and 100% recyclable. The battery itself is easy to replace and swap.

Sustainability is our highest priority in everything we do. We strive to make a difference! C_TAP uses aluminium for its’ body to create a non-disposable pen that will last generations. The metal crafted body will allow you to pass it on to your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids forever and a day. The ink cartridges are available to buy from any good stationary shop or directly from once we go live.

What’s in the box?

Magic, motion and maybe a little mischief.


Kaweco Sports Nib

Black Ink Cartridge



The design is minimal – It is a pentagon brick that twists to open. The pen comes in 6 parts; lid, body, barrel, magic bluetooth module, battery and a replaceable ink cartridge.

Bluetooth module (our magic weapon to secretly control the world) is charged using a slim replaceable battery.

We have a passion for creating new ways to draw, write and connect to the digital world. With your support we want to get this pen into your hands as soon as possible. Your support will allow us to mass manufacture the pen and to finalise the development of the bluetooth module.

Prototypes Galore

Tap, tap, tap…

We built tests, models, drawings, sketches, even dreams just about C_TAP. From rapid prototypes to an endless supply of buttons, clicks, and threads.


C_TAP includes a Kaweco nib

Pen Diameter: 18.5mm

Pen Length: 110mm

Pen Weight (with cartridge): 52 grams

Compatible with any standard ink cartridges

Secret Bluetooth module


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