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Beech Road is a semi-detached property with a rear garden under The Borough of St. Alban’s. The existing property is a spacious 3 bed house. The design brief is to do a Two storey side and single storey rear extension, loft conversion and garage conversion into an office study room. Therefore, The garage conversion to the side will be converted to a usable space for the householder. This will be used as a study/ office space to allow for a quiet separate space for when working from home. The double rear extension on the right side of the plan will extend from the existing 4.62 meters, this space will majorly be used for an open modern sitting and kitchen area towards the rear of the property. Whereas, the left side single storey extension will stretch back to 2.5 meters forming a rotated ‘L’ shape floor plan similar to the neighbors to either side of the property. This space will be used as the dining room with a scenic view to the back garden area. Bedrooms 01 and 02 remain untouched from the existing, the double storey side and rear extension introduces two new bedrooms for the family totaling to 4 bedrooms on the first floor. The master bedroom being bedroom number 04. The Attic floor will be converted into additional bedrooms, children lounge and study spaces with a single toilet above the proposed toilet on the first floor.

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